Tips to Take Proper Care of the Undercarriage of Your Dozer

The Dozer aka bulldozer is an equipment that is widely used for several applications. To get the desired performance from your bulldozer, you need to look after the critical components of the machine. One of the most important components is the undercarriage, one of the parts that take a lot of beating and hence, you should ensure that it would be up for the challenge. It goes without saying that you would need to invest in the right machine.

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Let us now take a look at some of the things that you should do to maintain the condition of the undercarriage of your bulldozer.

Inspect Regularly

You must inspect your undercarriage as a part of your daily routine. It is recommended that you need to check the undercarriage after major usage. But if it is possible, you should check it at least once daily, after the day’s work is done.

Here are some of the components that you should check:

  • Bearings
  • Bolts
  • Chains
  • Drive motor
  • Gears
  • Idlers and rollers
  • Nuts, screws
  • Oil lines
  • Pins
  • Rock guards
  • Shoes
  • Sprockets
  • Tension
  • Water Lines
  • Wheels


You need to check the track for any missing links, any exposed cable, or wear and tear in other parts of the undercarriage.

The track links are sealed and lubricated for an extended life. Look for “hot joints” to ensure the lubrication is still present on the links. The track shoes wear need to be monitored for a proper ground grip to avoid the slippage. Else the overall performance would be compromised.

Check the High Wear Components

Some parts of the undercarriage are more prone to wear and tear than other parts. They need your special attention and care if you want to sustain a high level of performance. They should be checked at regular intervals and replaced as soon as they show signs of excessive wear and tear.

Sprockets are one of the fastest to wear off, so they need to be checked. Each sprocket tooth should be round in shape. If you find that some of the teeth look pointed or hooked, you need to replace them right away. In most cases, the sprockets would be replaced at the time when the track is replaced.

The idlers and rollers on a track are sealed and lubricated. Check for any signs of hot joints, leaks or drips. Leaks can damage the bearings and also lead to overheating.

Tune the Tension

The tension of the track is key to maintaining the undercarriage. The tension should neither be too tight nor too loose. SEM, as well as other manufacturers, have a recommended set of factory specifications which is mentioned in the manual. However, there are times when you might need to make small changes to it. For example, you would need slightly loose tension for soft ground.

If the tension is kept too tight, then the bushings can blow out. On the other hand, if it is too slack, then it will cause slippage and even cause the track to detach. If you can keep the tension at the right level, your bulldozer would be able to perform at its maximum capacity.

Grease the Bushings and Other Parts

A well-oiled undercarriage would work for a longer time. The oil within the bushings will ensure smoother operation and also keeps the debris out.

You need to refer to your machine manual to find the grease points as well as the recommended daily lubrication. Grease fittings accept lubrication quite easily when the machine is warm than when it’s cold, before use.

SEM 822 Bulldozer and SEM 816 LGP are two of the models of track-type tractors currently on offer at Al-Bahar. Their undercarriage is often considered to be one of the best in their respective categories. They both contain carrier rollers track rollers that are all maintenance-free. Their durable final drive bearings and multiple wet disc brakes make the machine reliable and also reduces the system heat and also extend the overall life of the equipment.

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