Dozers, also known as Bulldozers are strong machines that are usually used for tasks like pushing, digging, excavating, and leveling materials like soil and debris at various work sites. This versatility of the bulldozer makes it a common site at worksites across the Middle East. In most cases, bulldozers usually come with the large, heavy blade in the front that is used to push material. In some cases, you would have bulldozers with certain other modifications like rippers in the rear that helps to break down the tough ground. In the following post, we would look at bulldozers in general and their applications and uses.

Three Main Types Bulldozer Types :

So, what are the different types of bulldozers available in our region? Well, bulldozers can be divided into three main categories. You can choose a specific type of bulldozer based on the nature of your specific task. It would also depend on a number of factors like the terrain you are working on, your project type, and the budget that you are willing to invest are some of the factors that you need to consider when you are considering buying a bulldozer in UAE or anywhere else for that matter. You would need to choose the right machine so that you get the desired level of efficiency and safety from the system when you are selecting a bulldozer.

So, let us look at some primary bulldozer types and the key features of each of those machines.

Crawler Bulldozer 

A crawler bulldozer is also referred to as a track type tractor as it runs on tracks like tanks and looks almost similar to a tractor. This makes it ideal for moving heavy materials from one area to another. It is also capable of traversing dense and irregular terrain as the tracks give it a good deal of traction. Larger ones also have rippers that assist with crushing and clearing of denser terrain.

Mini Bulldozer

As the name suggests, this is much smaller than your traditional bulldozer. This smaller bulldozer is also known as a compact bulldozer. This is ideal for projects that require more maneuverability and versatility than its larger counterparts do. Thanks to the small size, they can be deployed effectively in different types of projects that require tasks like grading and clearing lots.

Wheeled Bulldozer

This machine might also be known as a tire bulldozer. It is normally larger than a crawler. It might give you better handling as it has tires, which makes it more maneuverable. They also come with completely articulated hydraulic steering and they generally move on a smaller axis. This makes it suitable for use for soft or sensitive ground, as the tires are gentler than tracks.

The Different Type of Blades :

Let us now look at the different types of blades that you can find on a bulldozer.


This is the shortest type of blade and it does not have side wings. This blade normally attaches to the arm in the lower back corners of the blade. On account of its shape, the straight blade is ideal for dealing with fine-grained and medium- to hard density materials. However, the straight shape limits the dozer’s lifting and carrying capabilities. Bulldozers that have S-blades are generally used for stumping, back-filling, grading, and evening soil.


A U-blade has large side wings and a curved shape. This makes the blade ideal for pushing materials across long stretches of land. This is because the wings keep material from spilling over when in motion. As with S-Blades, U-Blades also attach to the lower back corners of the blade. Normally, this is the largest blade type in both height and width and generally used to work on soft to medium-density soil. Bulldozers with U-blades are used for tasks like ditching, hauling, pushing, and crowning.


As the name might suggest, this blade combines features from the S-blade and the U-blade to give it stronger penetration and enhanced versatility. It is narrower and less curved, and its side wings are smaller compared to what you would get on normal U-blade. As a result, it is ideal for pushing soil across long distances.

An SU blade normally attaches in the lower back of the blade using angled stabilizing braces and either one or two hydraulic tilt cylinders. It can be effectively be used to push soft- to medium-density sand and soil. SU blades are used for tasks including crowning, moving heavy material, stumping, and ditching.

The Different Parts of the Bulldozer and Their Uses :

Bulldozers are often used in different types of terrain, thanks to their sturdy design. Bulldozers are often differentiated based on the features like their blades, rippers, and whether tires or tracks are used. So, let us look at some of the individual parts of the bulldozer


A ripper is basically extended attachment which is at the rear of the bulldozer that resembles a claw. They are used to break up land, break down any rock and earth to be moved. Your bulldozer can either have a single-shank ripper or a multi-shank ripper depending on your project needs.

Final Drive

A bulldozer’s final drive is one of the most critical parts of a bulldozer. Modern-day final drives distribute the load evenly over multiple gear teeth and also lift the drive motor away from suspension.


The bulldozer’s cab is also an important part of this machine as it is where the operator would control the machine. Different features are used for some cabs as that increases both its level of comfort and safety. Your cab ideally should reduce sound and absorb impact while you are moving around the work site as that is quite important when it comes to comfort. Comfort is crucial since operators can spend hours at a time inside the cab.

Tracks and Tires

Tracks and tires determine the bulldozer’s mobility. Tracks are ideal for navigating hard, uneven terrain. On the other hand, tires are better suited for soft ground. You should also go for tires if you’re working in a sensitive area that you don’t want to damage easily.


Bulldozers generally come with high-powered engines since they move loads of heavy material around the worksite, all throughout the day. There are modern engines that fulfill different needs, all at the same time. For example, some newer engines produce fewer emissions compared to older engines to comply with certain EPA requirements, whilst not compromising on the performance.

Push Frame

The push frame is critical when it comes to positioning materials for different tasks. This part of your bulldozer would be responsible for moving the blade.

Bulldozer Blades

As said before, the blade is the heavy metal plate located at the front of the bulldozer. It is generally used to push and dig through materials. We have also talked about how different types of blades are better suited for specific projects.

How to Choose the Right Bulldozer?

When you are looking to buy or rent a bulldozer, you need to choose the one that improves the efficiency of your project. So how should you do it? Well, you need to consider a few things. Let us look at the following questions, answers to which would help you choose the right bulldozer for your next project.

Identify its purpose: You need to know the purpose for which you are looking to use the bulldozer. Are you leveling earth? Pushing material?

Analyze the worksite: The work site would set the demand for maneuverability. Do you need to maneuver in tight spaces? If you have tight spaces then you need to go for the one that gives you better handling.

The nature of the terrain: Are you working on a hard or soft surface? The terrain would determine the type of drive your bulldozer should have, and also the type of blade.

Know the material types: What type of earth are you moving to? What is its density? Answers to these would help you choose the right blade and the right engine

You do have several options in bulldozers that can fulfill most of your hauling, pushing, and leveling needs. You would need to do a little bit of research and familiarize yourself with each unique feature of the dozer, as this will greatly benefit your job site.

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