Buying a wheel loader gives you the advantage of enhancing the efficiency of the project. However, if you wish to get the desired level of performance for a prolonged period of time, then you need to maintain it the right way. Mohammed Abdulrahman Al-Bahar offers a wide range of SEM wheel loaders in the UAE. We are the only authorized distributor of SEM machines in UAE, as well as Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Bahrain. Apart from offering you efficient machines, we also offer comprehensive maintenance solutions that take care of all the hassles of maintenance. However, if you have a wheel loader, there are a few things that you need to do on a daily basis to maintain the loader in the right way.

Things to Check in Your Wheel Loader on a Daily Basis

Attachment Cutting Edges

Loading and unloading material throughout the day can cause a lot of wear on the ground-engaging tools. To ensure these critical tools stay in peak operating condition, you need to perform daily visual inspections of the machine. You need to check for loose or cracked or missing teeth. If you detect any issue, then you should repair or replace the damaged components as soon as possible.

The attachments such as buckets and pallet forks put in a lot of effort, and hence you need to check them carefully. You should also check the hoses and tilt and lift cylinders to check for wear, leaks, or damage.

Apart from the obvious ones, you also need to check the condition of wear plates and the bolted-on cutting edges, as well as attachment pins to ensure that they fit snugly and properly.

Tire Treads and Inflation

If you have any leaks or improper inflation in the tires of your wheel loader, then that can lead to premature wear and tire failure. Follow the manual’s recommendations for proper Inflation Pressure levels and inflate the tires accordingly.

Apart from maintaining the right pressure levels, you also need to go through a visual inspection of tires. Look for sizeable chunks of tread that may be missing. You must ensure that the bead line and the rim are alright.

Chain Treads, Tire Protectors can be offered where the wear rates are unusually high. Contact us for recommendations.

Driving and Parking Brakes

Properly working brakes on your wheel loader is important to get the desired level of performance and safety from the wheel loader. Therefore, it is a critical routine maintenance procedure required on a wheel loader, and it should be done on a daily basis. Most construction sites will have congestion, varying grades, as well as a range of equipment, vehicles and personnel. Apart from normal loading procedures, the pass can often have a lot of quick stops. As such, the operator must be able to stop the machine but also hold it with the help of the parking brake whenever necessary. So, to do that, you would need to check the driving and parking brakes.

Ineffective brakes may also lead to premature wear on transmission components, leading to a costly repair. Keeping the brakes functional and effective will reduce a lot of repair costs.

Fluids, Oils, Filters

Inside the engine compartment, you need to check fluids such as engine oil and coolants. It is not complicated. You can use dipsticks and sight glasses and refer to the operator’s manual for instructions on how you should replace the machine fluids at the recommended intervals with the appropriate fluid in the correct intervals.

Avoid using non-OEM specified filters. It is important to ensure that you are getting the same quality performance for achieving the best filtration performance.

Air inlet system

Finally, most worksites atmospheric contamination may put a whole lot of load on the Air Inlet system of your wheel loader. The personnel looking after the equipment should be sure to use the proper maintenance steps for keeping the inlet air clean, by checking the vacuum indicator, cleaning the filters regularly, and replacing when suggested. The use of a precleaner will reduce the load and improve the life of installed filters.

These are some of the things that you should do to maintain your wheel loader in the right way. Contact our team of experts at Al-Bahar and discover more about you can get better performance from your SEM Wheel Loader.