Whether you are starting your new contracting business or expanding your existing fleet, buying new equipment might not be financially feasible. In such cases, you might consider getting used soil compactor. At Mohamed Abdulrahman Al Bahar, we offer a whole range of used soil compactor in UAE which includes wheel loader, track type tractor, soil compactor and similar machines. We ensure that you get quality machines that gives you the right value for your money. However, when you are going to buy used equipment, you should know a few things yourself. So, let’s us take a look at some of the things that you should know before you buy a used soil compactor in UAE.

Why Buy Used Soil compactor in UAE?

As said before, buying a used soil compactor in UAE might be useful for a number of reasons. Some of the biggest advantages of buying used equipment are:

  1. Cost Savings
  2. Limited depreciation
  3. Reliable performance

1. Cost Savings: Perhaps one of the most common reasons why people buy used equipment in UAE is because of the savings they get. Used equipment, depending on various factors, can be considerably cheaper than buying a new machine. If you are buying from a reliable distributor, then you can get the same level of performance that you can get from a new machine, without having to spend nearly as much.

2. Limited Depreciation: New machines go through rapid deprecation. Significant depression can be noticed within the first year of ownership. In most cases, the depreciation can be as much as 20% to 40% of the original cost. Compared to that, a used equipment would not experience such a drastic reduction in the price. Hence, you would get a good resale value. So, going for a used heavy earth moving equipment would make more business sense.

3. Reliable Performance: When you are looking for performance, a used equipment would not let you down. However, a lot of people don’t believe in that. They feel that the performance of the machine would be heavily compromised. Well, if you are buying from a reliable distributor, you would get a machine that is already made to go through stringent quality checks. This means that the machine would be able to deliver the level of performance that you desire.

Now, that we have seen that buying a used equipment in UAE can be advantageous in a number of ways, let us now look at some of the things you should check when you are going to invest in a soil compactor.

Buying Used Soil Compactor in UAE: The Checklist

When you are buying a used soil compactor in UAE, you need to check the machine thoroughly. There is a process that you need to follow when you are going to choose a used soil compactor. It is nothing complicated, but it is quite important. If you are buying a used soil compactor from Al Bahar, then things would be easier as our team of professionals would help you at every stage of the process.

1. Determine Your Requirements:

What type of machine will fit your projects, bring an upsurge efficiency, and fit with the dynamics of your existing equipment? You need to think about this before you choose a machine. Sit with your team and work on your requirements. What type of attachments would you need? Do you need a powerful engine? Would you need a compactor that is compact in size for better manoeuvrability? Discuss all the things with your team and check the manufacturers and model that might fit the bill.

2. Choose the Right Distributor:

The next stage of the process is to find the right distributor. This increases the chances of getting a truly reliable engine. A leading distributor like Al Bahar would have a range of soil compactors from the top brands like SEM and CAT. So, when you are buying a used soil compactor, then you need to go for a reliable distributor.

3. Inspect the Soil Compactor:

Once you have chosen the distributor, then you would need to visit the distributor and check out the machine that they have on offer. You would need to run a thorough inspection check of the machine. When you are doing your inspection, you would need to look at the following things:

a. Age of the Equipment – How old is the machine? Is it more than a decade old or does it still have some years left on warranty? The age of the equipment would tell you what you should expect from the machine and also what the cost should be.

b. The History of the Machine – The price and the condition of the used soil compactor in UAE would depend a lot on the history of the machine. How has the machine has been used? How often were repairs made? Were the repairs serious? You would need to check these things.

c. The Components You would need to check the following components when you are looking to buy a soil compactor in UAE:

  • Engine
  • Hydraulic leaks
  • Operator cabin comfort
  • Properly functioning levers and pedals
  • Engine oil and coolants
  • Transmission
  • Wheels, tires, rims

When you are inspecting the machine, you would need to check for any visible signs of damage like any cracks on the hydraulics, cloudy coolants, tires chipping off and things like that. If you have any queries, feel free to talk to our professionals.

4. Check the Documents:

You would need to ask your distributor about the proper documentation for the soil compactor. You would need to ensure that all the documents are in order, as that would help you feel more comfortable and confident about the machine.

Only when you are satisfied with everything, make the choice. Get in touch with Al Bahar and check out the range of used soil compactors in UAE that we have on offer for you. Our machines are well-maintained and they give you the performance that you desire.